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Steampunk Morris go West (again!)

pointing hand vintage image graphicsfairy1 flipIt’s late August and the summer festival season is drawing, slowly, to a close.  For the chaps and chapesses of Steampunk Morris it has been a busy period.  There has been fun and frolics at the Eastbourne Lammas event, performing for the Teddybear Bikers, jolly japes with the English Rose Sisterhood Bikers, and an excellent evening of morris dancing in Croydon with around 10 other sides.  But the season is far from over as far as the crew of Her Majesty’s* Airship Steampunk Morris is concerned.  Oh no dear peruser of this humble journal.

So what are the fellah and gals up to next you cry!  Well, this weekend we’re heading en masse back west to the  delightful surroundings of Lyme Regis, “The Pearl of Dorset”, for the side’s second visit in so many years to the Lyme Folk Weekend.  Once we are ensconced within our canvas conurbation we will emerge and perform upon the streets and shore of this royally titled resort for the delight of residents and visitors alike (including jilted young ladies and philandering young men if you catch my drift!)**.

Following our travel west the side will return to its home county, the Garden of England, to perform at Malcfest the following weekend (6th-7th September) in the pretty village of Charing.  A week later and the side retuns to the south coast resort of Eastbourne for a Steampunk Extravaganza where we will be hosting a morris workshop and more.

So a triad of places to catch up with us over the next three weekends.  But there’s more; a late September visit to Victorian London’s Temple of Coprononic Processing, but more of that later.


* Her Majesty being, of course, the venerable Queen Alexandrina Victoria, Empress of India etc., etc.
** For those that do not catch my drift I suggest a perusal of the back catalogue of the author John Fowles, paying particular attention to the third novel.


Croydon Night of Dance

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Steampunk Morris’ next dance out will be on Tuesday 19th August when we’ll be convening with London Pride Morris Men, in close association with Ten Lords MorrisRampant Rooster, Northwood Morris Men, Blackheath Morris Men, Let’s Dance (Maypole), Wild Hunt Morris, plus possibly a few other sides in the ritzy environment of… Croydon.

Ok, so where exactly is this extravaganza of suburban frivolity going to occur?  Well, the commencement time is 19:30hrs (or 7:30pm if you like), and the location is the rather splendid Builders Arms, 65 Leslie Park Road, Croydon, CR0 6TP, which is utterly fantastic if you wish to partake of Fuller’s fine ales and some spiffingly good food. Goodness gracious – here’s a cartograph to assist your perambulation to this Bacchanalian Temple of Delights.

The plan, to to remain here until 21:00hrs (that’s 9pm!) and then to take a slow shuffle around the corner to: The Glamorgan at 81 Cherry Orchard Road, to dance there from 21:30hrs (that’s… oh you get the idea!).  Again, a cartograph!  Once again we will have the opportunity to partake in fine cask ales, fine wines, and possibly a little snack before wending our weary way home to deepest Kent.

So join us for what promises to be a wonderful evening of dance, music and banter!


Next up!

pointing hand vintage image graphicsfairy1 flipSo with the new site up and running, and already having some additions – photo galleries, google calendar yada, yada, it’s back to the thing about what we, Steampunk Morris, actually do. Morris Dance!!

The side has been up and running for just over a year now and, for what is a very new kid on the block, has been very successful in that time.  We’ve travelled to mid-Wales twice (Sonic Rock Solstice), to the edge of Dartmoor in Devon (May Day dancing with Grimspound Border Morris), a few excursions to Eastbourne for different reasons (Steampunk festivals and Morris affairs). We’ve danced at Steampunk Convivials, Art and Craft Museums, and Morris side Days of Dance.  So broad ranges of events and locations.  Invitations for 2015 are already starting to arrive and so far it’s looking like a mix of Morris events (involving some travel) and general events involving Fruit and Cider!  Which brings me to what’s up and coming.

This coming Saturday, 9th August, sees the side performing at the English Rose Biker’s party at The George Inn, Chartham, near Canterbury in our own fair county of Kent (home of the M2, M20 and Channel Tunnel Rail Link).  This is a womens’ motorcycle group who tend to throw a party each summer with bands and other events going on.

On the 19th August we’re off to Croydon to join London Pride Morris and some other sides on an evening of dance about the public houses of Croydon.  Following this we have a slight break until the end of August when we move en masse back west for what will be the side’s second appearance at the Lyme Folk Weekend in Lyme Regis, Dorset.  Steamounk Morris attended this festival last year and had an excellent time by all accounts.

Lyme signifies the start of a busy stretch.  The following weekend is Malcfest, located in the small village of Charing in Kent. This is a free festival with bands and other entertainers/artists providing their services free of charge.  The week after Malcfest and it’s back down to Eastbourne (now sadly sans pier), for the Eastbourne Steampunk weekend, and a fortnight later it’s a day stand on the banks of the River Thames at a Steampunk day held at the renovated Victorian Pumping Station at Crossness, Abbey Wood – a temple to coprological transportation.

This, at the moment, signifies the end of the season for the side although we are still open and available to do some events later in the year and early into 2015.  Just get in touch.


New site

pointing hand vintage image graphicsfairy1 flipWell after a bit of a break Steampunk Morris have finally got back a bit of a web presence.
This new website/blog will (hopefully) be maintained and kept up to date with all the daring do that all those aboard the Steampunk Morris Airship get up to.

So what have we been doing during 2014?  Well there’s been the annual steam fair at Chatham Dockyard, which this year had a dedicated steampunk section.  There’s been the Steampunk Convivial in SW London and a couple of stands at Merton Abbey Mills.  The side travelled down to Devon for a May Day weekend shindig organised by Grimspound Border Morris, and while we’re discussing morris dancing (and why not, my dear madam?), we had a couple of spiffing days in our own home county of Kent with, on one occasion, Seven Champion Molly Dancers, and on the other, Boughton Monchelsea Morris.  there’s also been the rock festivals: another sojourn to mid-Wales for Sonic Rock Solistice and to Herne Bay for Teddy Bear Bikers.

So it has, so far, been a busy year and a varied one at that.  Steampunk Morris has a good number of events lined up between now (early August) and the end of September so there’s still a good opportunity to catch us, and the 2015 season invitations are starting to dribble in.  On that note, we are only accepting invitations that come via email, so please do not ask us via Facebook, Twitter, your maiden aunt, or even to one of us while at a stand unless you back it up with an email!  Got it? Email!