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pointing hand vintage image graphicsfairy1 flipWell after a bit of a break Steampunk Morris have finally got back a bit of a web presence.
This new website/blog will (hopefully) be maintained and kept up to date with all the daring do that all those aboard the Steampunk Morris Airship get up to.

So what have we been doing during 2014?  Well there’s been the annual steam fair at Chatham Dockyard, which this year had a dedicated steampunk section.  There’s been the Steampunk Convivial in SW London and a couple of stands at Merton Abbey Mills.  The side travelled down to Devon for a May Day weekend shindig organised by Grimspound Border Morris, and while we’re discussing morris dancing (and why not, my dear madam?), we had a couple of spiffing days in our own home county of Kent with, on one occasion, Seven Champion Molly Dancers, and on the other, Boughton Monchelsea Morris.  there’s also been the rock festivals: another sojourn to mid-Wales for Sonic Rock Solistice and to Herne Bay for Teddy Bear Bikers.

So it has, so far, been a busy year and a varied one at that.  Steampunk Morris has a good number of events lined up between now (early August) and the end of September so there’s still a good opportunity to catch us, and the 2015 season invitations are starting to dribble in.  On that note, we are only accepting invitations that come via email, so please do not ask us via Facebook, Twitter, your maiden aunt, or even to one of us while at a stand unless you back it up with an email!  Got it? Email!


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