Steampunk Morris go West (again!)

pointing hand vintage image graphicsfairy1 flipIt’s late August and the summer festival season is drawing, slowly, to a close.  For the chaps and chapesses of Steampunk Morris it has been a busy period.  There has been fun and frolics at the Eastbourne Lammas event, performing for the Teddybear Bikers, jolly japes with the English Rose Sisterhood Bikers, and an excellent evening of morris dancing in Croydon with around 10 other sides.  But the season is far from over as far as the crew of Her Majesty’s* Airship Steampunk Morris is concerned.  Oh no dear peruser of this humble journal.

So what are the fellah and gals up to next you cry!  Well, this weekend we’re heading en masse back west to the  delightful surroundings of Lyme Regis, “The Pearl of Dorset”, for the side’s second visit in so many years to the Lyme Folk Weekend.  Once we are ensconced within our canvas conurbation we will emerge and perform upon the streets and shore of this royally titled resort for the delight of residents and visitors alike (including jilted young ladies and philandering young men if you catch my drift!)**.

Following our travel west the side will return to its home county, the Garden of England, to perform at Malcfest the following weekend (6th-7th September) in the pretty village of Charing.  A week later and the side retuns to the south coast resort of Eastbourne for a Steampunk Extravaganza where we will be hosting a morris workshop and more.

So a triad of places to catch up with us over the next three weekends.  But there’s more; a late September visit to Victorian London’s Temple of Coprononic Processing, but more of that later.


* Her Majesty being, of course, the venerable Queen Alexandrina Victoria, Empress of India etc., etc.
** For those that do not catch my drift I suggest a perusal of the back catalogue of the author John Fowles, paying particular attention to the third novel.

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