Hopping down in Kent

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Not the kind of hopping normally associated with the county tucked away in the south east of England, but rather another weekend excursion by the motley crew of the Airship Steampunk Morris. This time it’s a smaller affair than the spiffing Lyme Folk Weekend, instead it’s Malcfest!

Malcfest is a small, free music festival at a pub in the small village of Charing located a wee bit west of Ashford and a wee bit more east of Maidstone. More precisely it’s at The Bowl Inn, Egg Hill Road (honest!), Charing. It’s a small festival (did I already say that), there is camping but (because it’s a small festival) it’s tight and rather homely.  But it’s a great little festival if that’s your thing.

Of course things don’t end there.  the following weekend, 13-14 September, the airship arrives back in Eastbourne on fair England’s southern coast for the Eastbourne Steampunk Festival.  Not only are we dancing but we are also running a workshop to teach people a dance and, if you’re lucky and dressed up all steampunky, get a chance to dance with us during the day.  We are informed that there will be a Big Top/Marquee/Tent of someArmillarySphere-GraphicsFairy2 sort on the seafront at the main lawns where the workshop will be held at the unearthly hour of 09:00hrs! Yes gentle folk, we know that’s the time for getting up, second cups of jasmine tea etc., etc. but this is special, this is a steampunk event like no other, so shake a leg, bring along your toast and marmalade, and come strut your stuff with us!! Huzzah!!


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