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A wee update following our last post. Steampunk Morris has now started practising in earnest and is putting together a calendar of events at which the side will be dancing during 2015.  Already it’s looking to be a busy and varied year! Should you, perchance, wish to join this merrie crew as a dancer then practices are as previously mentioned: at the George Vaults, High Street, Rochester, Kent on Mondays starting at 8pm (or 20:00 hours if one prefers).  It is a good idea to drop us an email or something before you haul yourself into the depths of the Medway Towns on a cold Monday night because occasionally the George Vaults need the Crypt (where we practice) for an event and we have to cancel. So if you want to come along for dance practice it’s Mondays at the GV, drop us a line to let us know you’re coming then, if things change, we can tell you or get back to you and save you the wasted journey.

Now if you’re interested in being a musician things have changed a bit; we’re tending to practice fortnightly at the moment and we’re not using the GV in Rochester as it’s a bit of a long haul for some of the band (especially since they do Monday night too!), and with the festive season bearing down on us like a stagecoach of turkeys, the crypt is being used a bit more frequently for seasonal celebrations .  So send us an email to find out when we’re going to have a practice and where it is going to be.  Quite likely it will be somewhere in the Lenham area, a bit off the A20 between Maidstone and Ashford; we can let you have post codes, grid coordinates etc.

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