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Oops!! We have had a slight technical hitch! But we’re getting (or have gotten) on top of that dear peruser of this digital tome.  Anyway, we’re back, it is (as they say) the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Fifteen, and with the first stand of the New Year down – a little jaunt Wassailing somewhere in deepest Sussex – the Airship Steampunk Morris is back up and running. Huzzah!!  Practice’s have resumed on Monday nights at The George Vaults, Rochester; so if you want to come down and meet us, join us, buy us a pint, then that’s where to find us but give us a call first via email or the Facebook thingey to confirm that we’ll be there as sometime the pub has a booking.  Music practices are a fortnightly event now and not, at present, in Rochester. So if you want to come down and strum, pluck, blow or squeeze your musical organ of choice then do contact us to find out when and where we are actually going to be jammin’.

The next stand out is going to be on Saturday 21st February at the Surrey Steampunk Convivial in Malden. Details and tickets can be obtained from here!  The calendar will be updated as we finalise things.

On the subject of stands, we at Steampunk Morris have had an incredible number of invites to events over the past few months. We are noting them, seeing who from the airship can make them and checking whether we have a viable side that can make an attendance but it does take time to do these things, so if you are an organiser of an event and have invited us, we’re not ignoring you, Pocket-Watch-GraphicsFairywe’re trying to fit you in. Conversely, if you are an organiser of an event and you want us to come along in 2015, then we have very few slots left, but drop us a line to see what the score is.

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