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Ha! The pre-season has started dear readers of this interwebby blog. Yes indeed, Steampunk Morris has danced out at the Pentacle Drummers’ Wassail in dark and deepest Sussex (dark because it was at night, deep because it was a long way down south from where we reside!). And yet there will be more frolics later this month when, on Saturday 21st February, the side once again will descend on New Malden in southwest-ish London for the 4th Surrey Steampunk Convivial.

The event is hosted at the Royal Oak Public House 90 Coombe Road New Malden KY3 4RD (a purveyor of fine ales and pretty good food too!), and also in Christ Church Hall across the road from the aforementioned drinking establishment.

Following from this festival of steampunkery the side will then be appearing on Easter Day (April 5th) and Easter Monday (April 6th) at Chatham Historic Dockyard’s annual Festival of Steam & Transport. So two days  in which to catch our particular brand of morris dancing and on our home turf to boot!

The rest of the year’s events are slowly coming together.  It is hoped that over the May Day Bank Holiday the side will dance in Hastings and later events include the National Morris Weekend in468-astronomy-xliii-fig2-q90-633x549
Evesham, a Joint Morris Organisation’s Day of Dance in Tonbridge, and another trip to that jewel on the south coast of these sainted shores, Brighton!!  Of course we shall keep you updated on dates, venues etcetera by the means of this tome.

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