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pointing hand vintage image graphicsfairy1 flipOoh! It’s been a little while since the last post and we’re now a fair way into the season. So time for catch up!!

Over the May Day Bank Holiday we had the pleasure to dance at the Hastings Jack-in-the-Green Festival. The going was a little damp to start with but some solid dancing was put in by all the sides and we dried out eventually.  A week later saw us doing a small gig in a small orchard which went well enough apart from the inevitable injury to the Herr Doktor sustained by a fall while dancing on rutted grass. A week after that we returned to Brighton Morris men’s fabulous Day of Dance. The sun shone, the gulls cried, the crowds came out and a lovely day was had by all. Fortunately there wasn’t as much walking involved as there had been last year which meant that we weren’t so tired by the end of the day and we managed to keep up and make all the stands we were scheduled for. Huzzah! Late May saw a local evening stand with Screemin’ Banshee Border Morris, a pleasant stand that ended with a rather good music and singing session.

June saw the major stand of the season so far – the National Morris Weekend at Evesham. Unfortunately the Saturday was rather wet although things had brightened up by the evening when we were performing at the ceilidh. Sunday was a different day altogether – the sun came out and after the duck race (yes, the duck race), we spent the day dancing in Evesham and making some new acquaintances. July, so far, has seen us perform at a Steampunk themed wedding reception on a disused light vessel, have a spiffing day at the Joint Morris Organisation’s Day of Dance in Tonbridge (thank you Hartley Morris for organising that one), and have a great picnic and dance at Boughton Monchelsea Morris’ annual Picnic on the Green at West Peckham.Pocket-Watch-GraphicsFairy

Stands coming up soon are: a visit to Seven Champion’s Day of Dance on 26th July at The White Horse, Sandway, Kent, although we may not be dancing a great deal at that (rather depends on our numbers on the day), and the Croydon Night of Dance in August. Beyond August we have the Looe Music Festival and a couple of other stands in the pipeline.

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