We are a Ladies’ and Gentlemens’ mixed Morris side based in and around the delightful environs of the Medway towns in the county of Kent, the Garden of England.  We find we may have the honour of being the first specifically Steampunk-themed side in the whole of Britain, Europe, or even the Empire – HUZZAH! Our dancing style, if not our general style, gives a nod in the direction of the Border Morris tradition, but with the addition of various enhancements and additions from other dance styles thrown in for your delectation, thus creating a uniquely different experience.  The reality is we’re attempting to plunge Morris dancing kicking and screaming into the maelstrom of an unwritten alternative future. On the musical side, we have a veritable profusion of blowers, bowers, squeezers, pluckers, strummers, and bangers who are influenced by rock, folk, classical, Spanish, and any other brouhaha that they think is strappingly good fun.  The band have some surprisingly spiffing takes on classic rock and even heavy metal tunes with which to ‘Steampunk it up’… oh yes indeed sir!!! Through the ground-breaking technology of the internet, it is possible to stalk us on Twitter, spy on us on Facebook, contact us using virtual post, or alternatively, by jingo, you could just come and actually see us perform live in the flesh!  Gadzooks!  Do you have the fortitude and backbone to endure Morris dancing to Guns & Roses, Iron Maiden or even the dark one that is Marilyn Manson?  We think it’s fair to say you’ll have to see it to believe it. Unlike many traditional Morris sides we have no set kit, or even set colours; only an all-embracing and cracking Steampunk theme.  This then allows each of us to create a frightfully individualistic look that is limited only by each member’s creative ingenuity.  Some of us are elegantly turned out and somewhat aristocratic, but some are downright terrifying;  children, the elderly, and dogs be warned – smelling salts may be a necessity for the faint hearted and those of a delicate disposition!



Many thanks to Julia Davenport-Drake for the original SPM website and graphics

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