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We are an incredibly enthusiastic and friendly bunch of chums who wholeheartedly welcome new members young and old. Fear not if you have little or no Morris experience; our members range from very experienced to complete novices. We will do our best to merrily lick you into shape as quickly as you can handle, and as a new side, all of the dances are (unsurprisingly) new to us as well! All we ask is that you are over 18 and looking to have a cracking time, and there you go, Bob’s your mother’s brother.*

We practice every** Monday evening at 20:00 at:

The George Vaults (downstairs, in the actual vaults!)
35 High St

We also have a musicians practice on Tuesday evenings at 20:00 in the same venue!

* Some sort of ability to maintain a beat and count steps may be advantageous, though.

** If we have had a dance stand the weekend before a practice we might cancel the Monday evening in order to give some well deserved rest and recuperation to the dancers.  So do email us or look in on our Facebook Group page to check if we’re going to be there before you make a long journey (or a short one at that).

2 responses to “Join Us

  • Mike Jeffree

    Great performances in Hastings today – made us see Morris dancing in a whole new light! Made our day too!

    Mike & Frances Jeffree


    • steampunkmorris

      Hi Mark & France,
      Many thanks for your kind comment. We had a great time too (despite being a bit soggy first off). Glad you liked our slightly off piste take of the tradition.

      Steampunk Morris


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